Don’t settle for anything less than the Wright stuff when it comes to accessories.

Velke sulkies give operators a smoother, more comfortable ride, and help increase productivity. Each is engineered to work on Wright models as well as other professional mower brands.


velke_sulky_feature_largeVELKE SULKY™

  • Increases comfort and productivity
  • Patented design keeps you closer to handles and away from obstacles on zero turns
  • Strong welded steel construction
  • Fits most professional brands
  • Operator capacity of approximately 200 lbs.




velke-x2_feature_large_0VELKE X2™ SULKY

Same great features as the Velke Sulky, plus:

  • Wide, open platform for greater operator comfort
  • The only two wheel sulky available today
  • Operator capacity of approximately 280 lbs.





The perfect addition

Our grass collection accessories are built to stand up to hard use season after season.
They’re engineered to fit Wright mowers as well as other professional brands.


grass_collection_triple_capacityPOWERED GRASS COLLECTION SYSTEM

  • Designed specifically for Wright Z and ZTO models
  • Holds up to 8 bushels for 48” models, 12 bushels for 61” models, and your choice of 8 or 12 bushel systems for 52” models
  • Rear wheel motors can be moved fore and aft to maintain proper weight balance




grass-gobbler_feature_large_0GRASS GOBBLER™

  • Designed for continuous airflow and high-density packing
  • Durable all steel construction
  • Available in small (2.0 cu. ft.), regular (3.3 cu. ft.), jumbo (4.3 cu. ft.),
  • Turbo 4 (4.6 cu. ft.) and Turbo 10 (4.8 cu. ft.) capacities
  • Fits most professional brands
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