4 Great Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips

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Some people live to roll up their sleeves and get to work on their gardens every single day, but most of us don’t have that much time. Maybe you just want a garden that is more self-sufficient, one that requires less day-to-day care. The good news is that you can still have a beautiful garden even if you don’t have a ton of time to devote to it. We’ve put together four landscaping tips for the low-maintenance garden to give you some ideas. Choose Your Plants Wisely Perennials are going to be one of your best allies in planting a […]

Choosing the Best Shoes to Wear with Our Mowers

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If you’re working with Wright Manufacturing mowers, then you know how versatile, durable, and reliable our mowers can be. You chose the best mowers in the business for a reason: you want to get the job done efficiently and quickly. Our mowers help you achieve these goals by offering powerful engines and versatile features, whether taking care of a gigantic lot or a steep slope. Choosing the right mower is simple. However, your company many need tips for what to wear when using such a powerful and versatile product. It’s especially important to choose the safest and most comfortable pair […]

4 Springtime Lawn Services for Businesses

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Spring is the best time of year to show off what your lawn care business can offer. Some lawn companies offer lawn services that consist only of mowing. Mowing is the the centerstone of any lawn care business. However, if you have a wide range of lawn services, then you’ll reach more customers. Many commercial customers don’t put much thought into the outside of their businesses. It’s up to you to suggest necessary services to give your client’s customers a great first experience. At Wright Manufacturing, we love to offer suggestions that will take your lawn care business to the […]

Why Robotic Mowers Aren’t Yet a Great Alternative to the Real Deal

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While robotic mowers are grabbing a lot of headlines lately, you might not want to go drop a bunch of money on one just yet, at least if you’re looking for a quality cut. Consumer Reports reviewed the performance of robotic mowers to determine how well they fared against a good old fashioned lawn mower. Results showed that, although the technology is impressive to a certain degree, it doesn’t quite stack up to the competition. Here are three reasons you might want to reconsider buying that robotic mower (at least at this point). Perimeter Installation The robotic mower has to […]

The Latest in Consumer Gardening & Lawn Care Technology

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Running a lawn maintenance service isn’t always about doing all of the work yourself. Some clients want to have a better hand in their routine garden and lawn control. You’ve heard the expression “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Well, the same holds true for for lawn service professionals and their clients, but you don’t have to put yourself out of business to do it. Some landscaping companies are able to make a little extra money by providing their clients with the best options in consumer gardening and landscaping […]

Lawn Care Tips to Keep You Busy All Year

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Is your lawn care business one-dimensional? Do you mow lawns during the warmer seasons and take a break during winter months? Slower winter months can be tough for lawn companies. One way to keep your finances steady all year is by signing contracts with customers. This is often an option for commercial businesses, churches, or government properties. Another great way to secure and maintain your customers all year is by being knowledgeable about what to do during colder months. Here are some quick and easy winter lawn care tips to keep you working all year: Fertilize– Stay on top of […]

How to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

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Most of us don’t have unlimited amounts of sprawling acreage in which to create a breathtaking garden. The amount of space we can designate for our garden is often limited a smaller section of our yard, but by being creative and using a some smart gardening tips, we can maximize what space we do have to create a garden that looks much more spacious than it really is. Here are some expert landscaping tips to make the most out of a small garden: Color and Light Using warmer colors like red and orange in the center of your garden naturally […]

Making Deals to Bring Our Mowers to You

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At Wright Manufacturing, we know a lot about the lawn care business. After all, we’ve been building commercial mowers since 1981. We were the first company to develop stand-on commercial mowers. You now know us as the company you choose for all of your mowers, and we’ve built our product line to include walk behind and mid-mount zero turn mowers too. We didn’t get this far by building high-quality products and keeping them in a warehouse. We are constantly working to help dealers provide the Wright Manufacturing products you want. You demand the best for your lawn company. That’s why […]

Why Stand-On Mowers Changed the Game

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Stand-on mowers: they’re known as one of the most important advances in the lawn care industry. At Wright, we take a lot of pride in that fact. After all, we not only invented the stand-on mower, we perfected it, too. Stand-on mowers are a phenomenon for lawn care professionals everywhere because of all the amazing benefits they offer users. From the compact build to the comfort it offers your back, stand-on mowers are a fan favorite for good reason. Let’s talk a little bit about those benefits and why our stand-on mowers have garnered so much popularity over the years. […]

Tips for Interacting With New Mower Dealerships

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The New Year may have you in the market for a new Wright mower. Perhaps this one will be your first. Wright adds a lot of new customers to our base every year. Because we sell our mowers through a network of trusted dealers, chances are that one of these dealers will be your point of sale when you drive away with your new Wright mower. As a lawn care business professional, you’ll likely depend upon the dealer that sold you your Wright mower for more than just the initial sale. Here are some things we recommend when meeting your local […]

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