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It began with the dream of an eight-year-old boy. Ever since reading the biography of Henry Ford, Bill Wright, president and CEO of Wright Manufacturing, dreamed of following in the manufacturing genius’ footsteps. In 1981, Bill Wright established his own lawn maintenance company called “Lawn-Wright.” In response to a problem of grass catchers falling apart, Bill invented an all-steel catcher built to stand the test of time. He called this grass catcher the Grass Gobbler™. The company began mass producing them and the company began to take flight.
Five years later, Jim Velke and Bill Wright introduced the Velke™, which was the first stand-on mower to date.Today, Wright Stander mowers are the premier stand-on mowers in the world. They are manufactured right here in USA and sold all over North America.From an eight-year-old boy’s dream to an innovative leader in lawn maintenance technology, Wright Commercial Mowers have come to represent quality and efficiency worldwide.

Stand with Wright

The Stander of Excellence

Wright mowers are the Stander of Excellence in the industry because our mowers are manufactured for quality and longevity. Top quality materials and superior craftsmanship are built into every mower that rolls off the line. Standing mowers are made not only for mower performance, but also for optimal operator comfort and control. When Wright mowers are produced, all the elements are considered to provide the best possible mowing experience and performance.

At its core, lawn maintenance is much greater than mowing lawns. It’s about helping people and fulfilling a need. We have taken this to heart for over 30 years. We only build mowing products you can depend on for superior performance and unparalleled safety features. Other companies might offer a few commercial-grade mowers. At Wright, we specialize in them.

Better Performance

We understand how hard you work to satisfy customers. We build our mowers to keep working hard for you for the long haul.

From the first piece of metal to the last nut and bolt fastened, Wright mowers are built with craftsmanship and care. With every Wright mower built here in America, our expert craftsmen put a great deal of time and skill into making every mower that is assembled.

Our mowers are built with you in mind. From maneuverability and comfort for the operator to mower decks creating a stronger vacuum for a cleaner cut, no other line of mowers are built to specifically fulfill all of your commercial mowing needs. You work hard to satisfy customers. We build mowers incorporating the latest technological advancements, which results in productivity gains across the board. Whether your clients are based in more urban areas with lawns with smaller square footage or in more rural areas with lawns spanning a greater amount of acreage, or even if most of the lawns you mow lie somewhere in between, we have mowers specifically designed to fulfill your greatest mowing needs.

State of the Art Technology

From our humble beginnings we have strived to advance mower technology in an eco-friendly and operator conscious way. Our latest technological advancement is changing the way we understand commercial lawn mowers. Immediately from its inception, the Aero Core Deck has increased productivity and versatility for commercial mowing companies all across America. This innovation improves overall performance aspects such as maneuverability and grass discharge, but at its heart it produces a masterfully finished cut that is unparalleled by any other machine in the industry.

Through its unique flow design, the Aero Core Deck is able to pull more grass upright, which leads to an even and precise cut. This virtually eliminates the need for double cutting. An overlapping baffle design and rounded carriage bolts allow for an even grass discharge avoiding unsightly grass clumps. In the end, our goal is your goal: To mow the right way the first time in order to save time and money.

Equipment Longevity

Our mowers share an important vision with your business: They are built to last. Your business is striving to be around for a long time. Our mowers are designed and crafted to do the same.

Quality saves money over time. When you must buy a new mower every 3 years instead of 5, you lose money. When you have frequent equipment repair costs, you lose money. With Wright, there is little to no equipment repair cost. Our equipment is structurally designed to be rugged and durable. To ensure your success and alleviate any doubt, we include a 2-year warranty on every mower we build. The bottom line: Wright mowers have lower annual depreciation values and higher salvage values at the end of their life span, which stretches well beyond 5 years. Higher overall returns makes using a Wright mower the best value for your money.

With precision cuts, the amount of annual and additional yearly profit earned will grow exponentially. Operators can stay on pace for your goal of yards mowed per day, or may find they can take on additional tasks per day. When you use a Wright mower, the end result is less wasted time and a healthier profit margin. Our story, the Wright story, is built on the idea that businesses make decisions based on valuing a greater return on investments. Our line of mowers has generated higher returns for over 30 years, and will continue to produce the same profitable result for years to come.

Usability and Design Superiority

Built with the Operator in Mind

Dedicating time to create machinery to perfectly cut lawns should not come at the detriment of the operators. It is an obligation at Wright to manufacture products that allow operators of the machinery the best possible mowing experience. Placing the operator in the center of the zero-radius turning point and increased ground speed allows for precision cuts at a quicker pace. Stander mowers put your operators head and shoulders above the rest in terms of safety and performance. With the surrounding landscape in full view, you can prepare for anything that lies ahead and plan your route accordingly. Shorter overall length lends itself to greater maneuverability to avoid obstacles and handle tough terrain.

Taking care of machinery operators is something our Stander mowers do best. We build ergonomic mowers designed to take stress off of your lower back. Spring-loaded platforms act as additional shock absorbers for bumps and bounces on uneven terrain. Mowing precisely at a quick rate cannot be done day after day without mowers built with an awareness for the health and well-being of the operator.

Taking Control

We do not view you as just a customer. We see you as a person; a real, hard working human being operating our equipment on a daily basis. On our mowers, the operator controls the mower with a lower center of gravity. Having a lower center of gravity gives you a more stable, safer ride. Our unique Operator Balance Control allows you to gain traction and control on uneven terrain.

Our stand-on mowers are specifically designed to ensure operators are as safe as possible from beginning to end.

The Backyard Barbecue: Part of the American DreamStander mowers allow for a great deal of maneuverability on the part of the operator. You can avoid branches, limbs, and other obstacles with ease. On regular riding mowers you are strapped, or rather “trapped”, in your seat by armrests and control levers. With our Stander design, if you get into trouble you can bail-out of the mower with one quick movement. The business of mowing lawns is, at its core, all about people. We understand the value and seriousness of sending your workers home safely to their families each night.

Close your eyes and envision a blank space, nothing but you and a blank white backdrop. A clean slate if you will. Now… add plush, freshly cut green grass under your bare feet. Feel the grass under your feet and between your toes. Begin to feel the warm sun wash over your face. A gentle breeze begins to lightly move your hair. Two giant oak trees filled with aged lines and features begin to dance in the gentle breeze overhead. The trees kindly offer you shade by obscuring the amiable rays of the sun with vibrant, lively leaves. A patio appears, along with the scent of food cooking slowly on a grill. Close family and friends begin appearing from all directions, greeting you with kindness and affection. Your favorite music begins to play, coupled with sounds of laughter and conversation.


wright-commercial-mowers-manufacturing-mowing-on-steep-slopeNow open your eyes.

This is the backyard many Americans dream of. This environment, which couples a healthy backyard ecosystem with people you love, is a fruitful outcome of the American dream.

The American tradition of sharing time with people you love while enjoying the backyard is a timeless one. As caretakers of the American landscape, it is our duty to ensure lawns stay healthy after each time they are mowed. Wright mowers are crafted to meet this very need.

Each Wright mower is finely tuned to help keep yards the way homeowners have always wanted them: green and beautiful. Start connecting with your clients and help deliver to them the lawn of their dreams.Stand up. Join the movement. Begin the process today by contacting your local Wright dealership today.

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