Mower Comparison: Wright Stander vs Toro GrandStand

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wright stander productThis is a comparison of the Wright Stander and the Toro GrandStand.

The Wright Stander is the core of all Wright mowers and was the pioneer of all standing mowers of its kind. Having the ability to stand instead of sitting, it gives drivers more control and speed while on the job. The Stander comes in a variety of deck sizes such as 32″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 52″ and 61″ as well as 16 HP, 18HP, 20 HP, 24 HP and 26 HP giving customers a wide variety to choose from. Features of the Wright Stander include:

Less fatigue – with standing capabilities, the mower decreases fatigue and increases productivity in drivers.

Center of gravity at your feet – instead of your center of gravity being at your seat, the mower provides such at your feet. This also allows the driver to shift his/her weight easily during changing terrain for a sturdy and safe ride.


No seatbelts or armrests – By not equipping the mower with these features, the driver can easily and quickly step off the mower in the case of an emergency or wish to pick up litter or other debris.

Smaller design means smaller machine – with a more compact body, mowers can fit easily on a trailer.

Like the Stander, the Toro GrandStand is a standing mower that features different deck sizes such as 36″, 40″, 48″, 52″ and 60″ deck widths and can have horsepower engines ranging from 15 HP to 27 HP. Some of their features include speed, maneuverability, turbo-force deck, foldable operator platforms and flex-ride to meet the needs of drivers on any job scenario.

Speed and maneuverability — these features are key for easy and safe mount on and dismount from the mower.

Flex-ride — manufacturers understand that the job can be difficult so they’ve created a way to help drivers stay alert and renewed while on the job

Foldable operable platform — this feature converts the standing mower to a walk-behind mower for a wide range of versatility.

Turbo-force deck — this advanced deck can power through hard conditions while still maintaining hillside stability.

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