The Wright Idea

Wright Manufacturing began as many things do, as a dream. Bill Wright has always had a passion for building and creating things, which eventually led him down the path of building commercial mowers. Coupling this with a love for mowing, the pathway to what would eventually become Wright Manufacturing began to take shape.


Bill started his first lawn maintenance company in 1981 called “Lawn-Wright.” The company, though successful was plagued by breaking grass catchers on their mowers. In response to this, Bill invented the Grass Gobbler™, an all-steel grass catcher designed to stand the test of time. Due to market demand, Wright’s company began mass-producing them for mowers all across the country.


As Wright grew, so did their ideas. Jim Velke and Bill Wright introduced the first single wheel sulky in 1988. The company had become so knowledgeable and efficient in creating and building mowers that the company began solely manufacturing lawn equipment in 1993. Not long after, the first Wright Stander mower was produced, which was the first lawnmower that allowed the operator to stand while mowing. The design revolutionized the lawn care industry and still continues to do so today.


As caretakers of the American landscape, Wright understands the seriousness of quality equipment. With all their mowers built in the USA, Wright puts superior design and craftsmanship into every mower that rolls off the line.


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