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Sport-X-fun-oneWhen it comes to lawn care machinery, the riding mower has made a name for itself as the “fun one” of the industry. These machines are built to work hard and work fast, and it’s no secret that riding a mower in the hot sun is more enjoyable than pushing one in the hot sun. However, not all riding mowers are created equally, and Wright Commercial Mowers is proud to have produced a riding mower that blends recreation with productivity.

For larger lawns that require multiple hours of care throughout the week, the Sport X is an obvious choice for industry professionals. With top-quality maneuverability, the Sport X can handle tight spaces made by decorative lawns. These mowers work quickly and effectively throughout your yard, covering a larger amount of ground in less time than the Stander series or Walk-Behind series.

Wright Commercial values time efficiency and product durability, and we know our customers do as well. Compared with competitor mowers, the floating deck Sport X is lighter than most and with its seat behind the engine, quick exits allow for manual debris removal. The Sport X’s compact footprint allows for transporting more equipment in fewer trips. The Sport X specs are as follows:

  • Sport-X-productDurable deck sizes of 36″, 42″, 48″, 52″, and 61″
  • 18HP, 20 HP, 24HP, and 26HP available
  • Smaller and lighter than the competition for handling tight spaces
  • Sport X Quick Cut height adjusts 1.5″ to 5.0″ while the Sport RH adjusts 1.0″ to 5.0″
  • Fit more mowers on a trailer with smaller mower footprint
  • Shift your weight instantly to handle changing terrain with Operator Balance Control (OBC)

Made in the U.S., this fun and efficient mower is fit to handle tough terrain and tight spaces. Wright Commercial Mowers values our customers’ time and money, and aims to only produce the best machinery on the market. Visit Wright Commercial Mowers online or call toll-free at (301) 360-9810 to learn more about the Sport X and schedule a mower demonstration today.


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