Wright Sport: A Comparison of the Sport RH and the Sport X

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pastoral-lawnWright carries a variety of mowers, but if you are looking for a machine that operates at high speeds and handles zero radius turns, then you want to try a Wright Sport mower.  The Sport is also the most compact mower in the Wright product line.  Because of its compact design and power, the Sport covers more ground in less time and handles tight spaces.  As the name suggests, these are fun mowers to ride.  If this is the kind of a ride you are looking for, the Wright Sport is for you.  The question is, which of the two Wright Mowers – the Sport RH or the Sport X – would be the best fit for you?  To find out, let’s take a quick look at how they are the same and how they are distinct.

SportRH-modelSport RH:

  • Smaller frame than the Sport X
  • Mowing deck sizes of 36”, 42”, 48”, 52”
  • Weighs less than the Sport X (710lbs for the 36” deck up to 790lbs for the 52”)
  • Slightly less speed than the Sport X, with a maximum of 7.5 mph
  • Sport RH cut height adjusts 1.0″ to 5.0″ (1/2 inch more range than the Sport X)
  • Rapid height adjustment

SportX-modelSport X:

  • Larger frame than the Sport RH
  • Mowing deck sizes of 48”, 52”, and 61″
  • Weighs more than the Sport RH (890lbs for the 48’’ deck up to 943lbs for the 61”deck)
  • Faster than the Sport RH, with speeds up to 9.5 mph
  • Operates ideally in 2-10 open acres (especially the 52” and 61” decks)
  • Sport X Quick Cut height adjusts 1.5″ to 5.0″
  • Floating deck (Sport X) which allows height to be adjusted
  • Slightly more horsepower than the Sport RH
  • Seat can be locked away so that you can use it either sitting or standing
  • The AERO CORE DECK, which with anti-clumping baffles prevent debris build-up and air-tapered surfaces create pressure to pull up grass for a cleaner cut

Both Wright Sport Mowers have a/an:

  • Kawasaki Engine
  • 5.6 Gallon Fuel capacity
  • Mower deck made of 7 Gauge Construction Heavy-Duty Commercial Fabricated
  • Operator Balance Control (OBC) that lets you shift your weight instantly to handle changing terrain
  • Small footprint which lets you fit more mowers on a trailer
  • Easy exit: with the seat behind the engine, you can easily step off for a quick exit or to move debris

So, if you are looking to mow larger lawns and have space room for a larger, faster lawn tractor, than the Sport X is your best bet.  And with the Aero Core Deck, you can rest assured your lawns will look good.  The Sport RH takes up less space, is lighter, and less expensive up front.  We think you will be pleased either way.  If you would like to schedule a demo of these or other Wright Mowers, you can do so here: http://www.wrightcommercialmowers.com/book-demo/

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