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wright-commercial-mowers-manufacturing-Wright-User-Reviews-evaluation-chartOne of the best tools for success is to listen to your customers. Once you know exactly what works and what doesn’t for your clientele, it’s easier to sell them a product they will love. Perhaps that’s why Wright dealers have had such a great time selling Wright Commercial Mowers around the country. Not only is the product made with innovative technology and high quality materials, but the designers and engineers at Wright listen to customers’ feedback and encourage change. One user review on LawnSite.com explains how comfortable and nimble the Wright Stander is.

“There’s no way I could be as productive as I am without it. Unless someone comes out with something better than the Wright, I really have no intentions of going elsewhere. It’s a great machine, and I think there are a lot of reasons you see them on trailers all over around my area. They aren’t kidding when they say ‘it’s the Wright way to mow!’ I’m already planning to purchase a second one as soon as I pay this one off.”

If a dealer understands what works for their customers and what doesn’t, it will increase their business. The “Wright Dealer Experience” is a huge factor in the sale and the overall purchase of the mower. Be open to taking suggestions and be willing to help or accommodate. Another reviewer on LawnSite.com explains Wright’s “forgiving” nature for the tough terrain.

“I rode the Wright all day on very uneven ground and I could hardly find anything wrong with the ride. In fact, all I thought about today while I was testing it was ‘Man I can’t believe how forgiving this mower actually is.'”

Cut quality, machine dependability and customer service seem to be top priorities when reviewing a product. Research your product and understand what your customers have to say about the product. Knowing what your customers want and how to deliver that to them, will end with good results for the customer and you, the dealer. Learn how to become a Wright dealer here.

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